A fifth-generation family in the Fox Valley is celebrating 110 years in business this year, and every December, thousands of customers enjoy one of their holiday specialties: Eggnog

Lamers Dairy is the largest producer of eggnog in Northeast Wisconsin.

“This is a good time of year because it’s something that we do that’s a little bit special and unique and a little bit different than just fluid dairy milk,” said Eric Mcguire, the VP of Business Operations at Lamers Dairy.

“We’ve been doing it ever since we’ve been in business, it’s a holiday treat and I think this year when I look at the numbers, we’ll be somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 gallons of just eggnog,” said Mark Lamers, the President of Lamers Dairy.

As one of only three fluid milk plants left in the state of Wisconsin, Lamers is all about quality, and it’s found the right formula for a successful business model.

“In our programs with our farmers, what we do is we pay them an extra premium for producing the highest quality milk possible and by doing that our customers have come to recognize that good quality product, so they support us,” said Lamers. “As long as you keep putting out a good quality product, people will keep buying it.”

While the vast majority of milk from dairy farms in the state goes into cheesemaking, Lamers has five farms, all within 30 miles, that supply their award-winning milk.

“It all starts on the farm, until the day I die I’m going to give all the credit to our farmers because I always think it’s like a computer, garbage in, garbage out, so if we don’t get that good quality milk into our processing facility, we can’t make a good product,” said Lamers. “If we can make people’s lives better by producing a good quality product, makes them feel better, then that’s all part of it too.”

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